About us

filevo < φίλος (friend) + εύω

.."κερνάω φαγητό που έχω ετοιμάσει σπίτι μου και κατά κανόνα όχι σε ιδιαίτερα μεγάλες ποσότητες, πέρνα μέσα να σε φιλέψω ένα γλυκό ή ένα κρασάκι με ένα μεζεδάκι".

.. "I offer food that I have prepared at home and usually not in very large quantities, to join you with a sweet or a wine with a bite to eat."

This is our Filevo in Piraeus, at Bouboulinas Street 20. An area full of pure traditional products of Kythira and other places, from selected producers and wineries with history and excellent quality. Jams, salty and sweet homemade flavors to try and create your own filema.