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Kythera and Filevo ...

A place magical and hospitable, there is no way to get into a house here and not to join a rosé, an amigdaloto or a xerotigano with plenty of Thyme honey on our island. Wherever you go, you will eat rusk with olive oil from our local olives and combine it with fresh homemade jam or a pickle of your liking and enjoy it with a glass of Petrolanos from our Winery ... and at the end a Fatourada shot or homemade liqueur gives you a perfect taste in your palate ... and all of this came closer to you at Filevo in Piraeus, Bouboulinas 20 and other selected places in Attica, but also through technology at your door, wherever you are ... Browse Gourmet Kytherian one and let us treat you. Yours sincerely, Vanessa Raikou